Thursday, November 18, 2010

Only Hope

Hey there...... I LIKE YOU. For always. Since we were just an 8th grader. Since I realize that yeah, you're funny. Mark this, you're the funniest person I've ever met. You know what, buddy? You're the only thing on my mind meanwhile maybe I'm just the number 99 on your list. But I'm glad to have you as a friend :-)

Today, I asked my piano teacher to teach me this song; Only Hope by Mandy Moore. And it's not as hard as I thought. And yeah, everytime I play that song....... I can hear your laugh, see your smile, and feel your hands even you're not here by my side. Just by playing this song, I can feel you. Don't ask me why, I'm sure you know why. Because you're my only hope....

P.s : waiting for you for 3 years is not as easy as it seems.