Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 9th 2006 - March 9th 2011

He's my everything. He was there for me whenever I needed someone to hold on to. When someone blamed me, he told me that I wasn't wrong. He took me to the kindergarten every morning and picked me up every day. He bought me snack meanwhile my parents didn't allow me to eat those things. He was so gallant.
Who is he? He is my grandpa.
Letkol TPT AU Purn. Aloysius Soeparno. I'm so proud to be his granddaughter.
But he's already gone for 5 years. Do I miss him? I do, I miss him so much. But I know that he's in a happier place now. He's sitting next to Jesus Christ. Maybe he's no longer here, but his kindess remains forever.
I miss you, Grandpa. I hope you miss me too :")
Me, my grandpa, and Mas Raditya Wardhana.
Anyway, that's my cousin. He's studying in Amsterdam, Berlin now. I hope he's doing well :-)