Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hey everyone. This is a late post. Oh, I mean a very late post. I'm so sorry..
So, I went to Australia on September 6th until September 16th! It was a really great vacation. Probably the best vacation I've ever had in my far. I'm still hoping for more experiences all around the world :-)
Okay so I will tell you about my Australia trip in 3 posts. This post, it's all about Melbourne. The second is gonna be about Sydney and the third, Gold Coast. ENJOY!

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DAY 1; this was the first time I visited Melbourne so I was so excited!!! We arrived at about 8a.m. and then we took a bus that directly sent us to the hotel. We stayed at Sofitel on Collins Street. The hotel's nice, it has a great view and soooo strategic. And fyi, Melbourne is so cold.... the temperature got so low it even reached 9 degrees. I love the weather. On the first day, we just walked around the city and enjoyed the day&night. And I'm loving PIE FACE fo sho!!!!! DAY 2; on the second day, we went to Mount Buller. And on this day, I played with the snow for the very first time. Can you imagine all the excitement?! We spent the day at the mount, and this is one of the most amazing days in my life. DAY 3; again, we went around the city. We visited the famous flea market in Melbourne, Queen Victoria's market. And then we took the City Circle Tram to traveled around the city! That's the best free public transportation I've ever known.... I enjoyed the day so much because it was the last day in Melbourne and on the next day a.k.a DAY 4, I should leave Melbourne and take the plane to Sydney...... I know I never should have left. I'm missing Melbourne, so much.