Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer 2014; Singapore & Bali

Hi bloglife. I'm sorry that it took so long for me to post this kind of post. I just want to tell you guys about my whole summer holiday. So at first, I went to Sing-a-poh a.k.a Singapore, again &again &again &again. I just never got bored, I don't know why. I went there with my sister, mom, and dad. We took the earliest flight on June 29th. We stayed at Mercure Grand Roxy hotel which is so far away from the legendary Orchard Road, so instead of using MRT, we took the bus a lot. All I did at Singapore were just shopping & eating so probably it'll be boring if I tell you every details of it... well, let the picture explain, then.

And then on June 2nd, I directly flew away from Singapore to Bali, again &again, as always. We stayed at Sofitel Nusa Dua for the first night, and at Pullman Kuta for the rest of the nights. I went to so many beautiful places such as Goa Gajah at Gianyar, The Sukarno Center, Kintamani (but sadly we couldn't see the lake because of the fog), Istana Tampaksiring, Bali Safari & Marine Park, and the beautiful Finn's Beach Club. And I ate a lot during this trip that I gained 1 kg, so I finally reached 44 kgs. But I already lost that 1 kg now so yeah.
Guilty pleasure, I went to Warung Made for like 4 times. I'm not even sorry. I'm missing their pancakes now, it's just too good I can't help it.

And on June 7th, I went back to Jakarta. Eva & I had a really wonderful trip, thanks to my mom &dad. Thank God!