Sunday, November 28, 2010


Cartoon. What's so special about that? Maybe for you, cartoon is nothing. But for me, cartoon is my life. I LOVE CARTOON. Especially Powerpuff Girls and Tinker Bell. They're cute!
In 2010, I've watched more than 10 cartoon movies. But these 4 movies are my favorites!!!!

1. The Princess and The F

Sounds so classic, huh? Princess....... and frog. But I have no idea why, I love this movie. I watched it last January, and I still remember all the scenes.

2. Shrek Forever After

Hmm..... I watched this movie last May. Or June. Maybe July. Well, I don't remember but seriously, this movie is just so sweet!!!!

3. Despicable Me (3D)

THIS IS MY FAVORITE AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! I love the 'Dad'. And I love Agnes!!!!!!!! OMG she's so major cute. Even sometimes she's annoying. But seriously, I wish I have a little sister just like her. And....... I watched this movie about last August. At Blitz Megaplex, Grand Indonesia. Exactly. And that day was a shame.

4. Megamind (3D)

I watched this movie this November and seriously, this movie is sooooooo......... good, bad, pretty, etc blah blah blah. I just love this movie.

See? Cartoon is my real other half.