Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dondo - MKG.

I have a friend, he's Andro Julio, but I call him Dondo. He's my classmate. Sometimes, we shared our little secrets when there was no teacher. And last Friday, I went to his house with Natha and Rawi. We were going to visit his mom. We brought some fruits, and then we talked a lot. We laughed at some silly jokes, we were sooooooo autism. And FYI, maybe me and my friends are no longer known as CRENN, I think it's CARENN now. Lol, I don't know if that was only a joke or maybe Dondo is an official member now.
There are many things that I can't share here.... sorry. But it's our privacy. All you have to know Don, whenever you need a friend to talk, I'll be there. As I've wrote under your pencil case,
"Our friendship is like a star, I'll be there for you even though it's dark or bright" :)

FYI, last Saturday I went to MKG. I went to Gramedia and the song was You're Still The One by Shania Twain, well..... I'm no longer the one and that was the place when you asked me to be your number one girl. I ate at Sushi Tei, we used to had dinner there, once. I went to XXI MKG 3, we used to watch a lot of new movie there. And now I make sure that that was gonna be my last time I went there, because seriously.... I love that place, but it's haunted without you.

Hell-o, I'm trying to not miss you anymore. Wish me luck.