Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tangled + Narnia + Skandar = :''''D

HELLO! Yesterday was my day. I went to Cibubur Junction with my mom and my sister. And then me and my sister watched....... TANGLED and NARNIA 3!!!!!!! OMGWTFBBQLOL, I love yesterday. Tangled was so major romantic. Narnia 3 was so major awesome. And Skandar Keynes was so....... it's unexplainable. I love him, too much.
So at first, I watched Tangled at 14:40. And seriously, this is my favorite cartoon movie EVER. I've been waiting for this movie since last August! OMG OMG OMG Rapunzel was so beautiful.

And this is my favorite scene..... oh, how sweet.

And then I watched Narnia 3 at 16:50. And I cried when I first saw Skandar Keynes. It's like.... OMG, after years, it's him!!!! I can't explain how I'm feeling. It's like I finally found him. OMGWTFBBQ, marry me, Skay T_T

See? Yesterday was my day.
And Skandar Keynes is mine, so please, back off girls. HE'S MINE.