Sunday, January 9, 2011

Secondhand Serenade!!!!!!!!!

OK. This weekend is the best weekend ever. I WATCHED SECONDHAND SERENADE, live. I was hugged by John Vesely the singer, Tom Breyfogle the drummer, and the guitarist (I don't know his name but he's sooooo friendly), and a sound man ._. I think I was the only girl who hugged by John, Tom, guitarist, and sound man. See, I'm the luckiest girl ever.
OK. At first, I went to Bandung with Chacha, Iik, Aak, and tante Tieq. We arrived at about 12 o'clock and then time goes by. It was 6p.m., so we decided to walk to Sabuga. After we're arrived, my cousin Aak said that he'll walk inside with Chacha and I'm with Iik. After the gates opened, I held Iik's hand and we ran into the stage. We waited until 8.30p.m., and finally John cs were on stage!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SOOOOOOO ENCHANTED TO SAW THEM.
John was wearing a white&red plaid shirt. He was sooo hot. And Tom Breyfogle too. And the guitarist too. Everyone who were on stage was soooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I forgot the first song but I remember the last song, it was Fix You. It was sooo sweet. They fixed me perfectly.
After the concert over, me&Chacha are sitting at the chair in front of the stage when suddenly, the guitarist came out. I was soooooo happy. And then I walked to him, and Aak took a picture of me, Chacha, and him. He said, "Thank you for comin', I love Indonesia. We'll come back soon," and then I said, "Promise?" then he said "Promise," and then he pinkie promised me!!!!!!! OMG. And then I said, "May I hug you?" he said, "Sure, of course" and then he hugged me for about 10 seconds. It was amazing. And this is him........ And all the girls were like "AAAAAAAAAA ENVY" when he hugged me.

And then Tom Breyfogle came out too!!!!!! He was super cool. He said, "Hey" and then I said, "I wanna take a picture with you" and then he said, "Why not?" and then Aak took our picture. After that I asked him, "May I hug you?" and then he said, "No, I'll hug you" but when he wanted to hug me, he nudged my hand and my phone was fell down. He took my phone and said, "I'm sorry, I am so sorry" and then I said, "No problem, just hug meeee" and then he hugged me tightly for about 15 seconds. He was soooo cool. This is our picture...... and the 2 others picture are when he hugged me tightyly. Again, all the girls were like "AAAAAAAAA ENVY YOU, GIRL" when he hugged me.

And the sound man, he's cute. He's a little bit hyperactive I think-_-. I took a picture with him too but the picture is at Chacha's phone so I can't share with you guys. He hugged me, for about 5 seconds.
Okay, and then Aak&Iik came in to the backstage!!!!!!! Without me&Chacha, it was so unfair. SOOO UNFAIR!!! ARGH.
Next, we walked to the hotel. When suddenly we saw 2 Alphards passed by. And then Iik said, "Itu pasti Secondhand deh" and then we followed the car. Yeah, Iik was right. They hanged out at Cafe Halaman, next to our hotel. AND JOHN WAS THERE. With Tom, and that sound man. But the guitarist and the lead guitarist weren't there. DAAAAAAAAMN. But thank God I've took a picture with the first guitarist.
Aak said, "Cepet kalo mau foto, Mba Aya kesana sendiri terus ngomong," and then I asked Chacha to accompany me. And then I said, "Hey John, may I take a picture with you?" and then he said, "Of course". And then Aak took our picture. After that, I asked him, "May I hug you?" and then he said, "Of course, you may" and then he hugged me for about 10 seconds. This is our picture....

When we arrived at the hotel, Tante Tieq asked us to go back to Cafe Halaman and asked for their signatures. Yeah, we came back and I asked Tom&John, "Will you write 'To Clara' here?" and then they asked me to spell my name. I got their signatures. This is the picture, the left one is Tom's signature and the right one is John's signature. And that's my ticket.

And the fact is....... Heaven does exist at Sabuga&Cafe Halaman at about January 8th 8.30p.m until January 9th 1a.m.
Anyway, today is Jovi's birthday. And I'm the first person who called him and said "Happy birthday" to him. I've prepared two gifts for him, I hope he likes my gifts.
That's all for this weekend. Ciao.