Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Is On!

HEY. How was your new year? Mine was awesome.
At first, I spent about 2 hours at my aunt's house. I ate satay, and talked with my cousins. And then me&Chacha decided to go to The Sultan Hotel, to watch my twin-brother uncle's band. There we were, standing between the crowd. While we were watching The Soul Of Magnolia, suddenly Chacha said, "Mbaaaay liat itu yang main keyboard, cool" and I took a look and saw....... Martin Litania *jeng-jeng*. Cute enough. Too cute to be a 19th years old boy. Oh, fyi, mas Een and mas Echa are my uncles. They're twins. Mas Een is the guitarist and mas Echa is the bassist. Kak Ava? Well, my dear aunty is the manager :-)
And then we countdown from 10 to 1, suddenly, balloons and sparkly little papers are fell down from upstairs. Cool. After the party over, we walked into the stage and shaked hands with mas Een, mas Echa, kak Ava, and others. And then Chacha said, "Mas Een/mas Echa, Mbay mau kenalan sama yang main keyboard tuh" DUNGDARJEGYERNGUWEEEEEEEENG I was dying. And then he said, "Hey," he shaked my hand "Martin". JEGYER DUNGDWER.
My uncle, mas Een said, "Dek Aya mau foto bareng? Sini-sini kalo mau," and he took my phone from my hand. I was........ shocked-_-. He called Martin and then mas Een took our photo. Goddamn, I was so nervous. And blablabla whatever nanana Chacha BBMed mas Een and said, "Mas, salam ya buat kak Martin dari Mbay" ngaaaah-_-. GUESS WHO DID REPLY? Martin. And then Chacha asked his pin, he gave, I added, he accepted, but we still don't talk to each other until now. HOHOHO the end.
I love you Chacha. Happy new year, everybody :-)