Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Mean This, IMY.

I still remember you.
I miss the past. I miss the old you. I miss our 8th grader moments and our 9th grader's first semester. I miss our late night conversation on the phone, our chat, our random thoughts. I miss our silly nicknames such as 'Nenek', 'Botax', 'Pitax', 'Uban', etc. I miss when you teased me and then I got mad at you and you started to say 'Iya-iya ampun heh-heh-heh-heh'. I miss your laugh, the way you laugh at me, the way you stared right through my eyes and I just kept on silent, the way you played the guitar and the only song you asked me to sing is 'Malu Malu Dong', the way you said 'Cede, nyanyi Your Guardian Angel yuk' and when I said 'Yuk!!!!' you said 'Ngga jadiiii, ngga bisa, bweeee' and made that silly look on your face. What I miss the most? I miss the way you hold my hand.
You did it at Sport Club, you did it when we were on our vacation to Jogja, you did it when we watched Rapunzel.
But now? You've changed, a lot.