Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dad's 50TH and Natha's 17TH

OK so last 12th December was my dad's 50th birthday and my super bestfriend's 17th birthday! And I guess I will tell ya about my superbestfriend's 17th birthday, Angela Natasha. And this is how the story goes.....

And BIG THANKS for the CREWS!!!!!!!!!

Esther Yobelitha Manik & Natasha Naomi Harli Putri Simangunsong

Handre Rizki Fajri

& me, Clara Cynthia Devi

And thank you for F4nta, Pulpy Or4n93, some milks that I don't know the brand, some flour, some soy sauce, and some Arabian Eggs.....or something.
And once again,


And well, on that night, me, my sister, and my mom gave a cake for my dad. Well daddy, long live! I love you so much :3