Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SUMMER 2012 ☮

I had my 'Summer trip' from June 13th until 22nd, and it was a very fun trip.
I visited Singapore, Bali, and Lombok with my parents and my sister.
In Singapore, I went to Ikea to buy some stuffs for my house, and then I visit Marina Bay too and I came to Harry Potter The Exhibition at Artscience Museum!!!!! I can't believe I really saw the real dresses from Harry Potter casts. OH MY GOD. And since it was the Singapore Great Sale, I SHOPPED A LOT lol :))
And then I went to Lombok and I visited Gili Air; it was a heaven on earth. The beach is so quiet and there are some tourists. And I ATE a lot in Lombok lol. I stayed at Sheraton Hotel, the hotel was near by the beach so I could hear the waves from my room.
And in Bali, I stayed at Puri Santrian in Sanur! That was a really nice hotel, and it was near by the beach too. I also visited Made's Warung; my favorite restaurant in Bali. Try the banana pancake with vanilla ice cream! It was 9,5 out of 10. And btw, I met @poconggg at Seminyak when I had lunch in Made's Warung and he replied my mention! :))
Well, what can I say. I love travelling so much!