Monday, April 29, 2013


Being 18 feels so..... old. I don't want to grow old. Btw thank you for all the birthday wishes, and thank you for the surprise; Natha, Handre, Astrid, Tifanny, Ghea, Kiwil. you guys mean the whole world to me! i really wished that Rawi, Esther &Naomi could come but it was fine. And thank you for the gift right at 12a.m., Oktaviano, I had no idea how you knew that I've always wanted something from Tiffany&Co., ever since it was my childhood's dream. You know this is the effect of too much watching movies with proposal scene and dialogues of "Tiffany box" which means a box of Tiffany&Co.'s ring hahahahaha. Well, what can I say, I looooveeeeee you guys so much!

p.s. : we're officially together again :-)