Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So you think it's so easy to forget everything we've been through? So you think forgetting you is as easy as flip your hand upside down? So you think everything was just fine since the day you left? Oh man, use your brain. Think. THINK.
Think about how hard it was when you decided to leave me. Think about how weak I was when you asked me to set you free. Think about how painful it was when you didn't reply my message. THINK ABOUT HOW PAINFUL IT WAS WHEN I SHOULD PASS EVERYTHING, ALONE. Think, and if you have a heart, you'll understand that it's not easy to being a girl like me. I wish you were me, so you'll know that it's so hard to pass my life. Clara Cynthia Devi's life. My life is suck since the day you left, I have no one to rely on. I really need someone like you.
Well, I won't wait for you forever, I know. It's not because I'm sick&tired of waiting for you, someone who doesn't exist. It's because as you said, "Life must go on, with or without me". So I think I have to learn how to live without you since...... now? I have no idea. Well, goodbye then.