Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Remember

I remember your smile, it remains forever on my mind. I remember when you laughed at me, and then your eyes shining like a falling stars. I remember when you said that you kinda like me to our friends, right when we were playing truth or dare. I remember the touch of your hand, when I was cold at Sport Club and suddenly you held my hand, and finally I kissed your right cheek. I remember when you looked me in the eyes, and when I looked back you were like "Apaan sih lu liat-liat? Botax!". I remember every little thing you did to me, I remember til I cry.
Will you fall for me, after everything that I've done for you?
Will you even look back and finally realize every single thing?
Will you understand that I've been falling for you for 2 years? Since we were only an 8th graders? Since I was just 13?????

Will you?

Someday, when I'm gone, you'll realized everything. Everything.