Wednesday, April 6, 2011


GODDAMN!!!!!!!! The real Bruno Mars is so damn HOT. I came to his concert last night and it was AMAZING. His smile, his face, his body, his voice, his move, his everything..... he's flawless. Bruno Mars is my numero uno. He sang Other Side, Top Of The World, Billionaire, First Time, Marry You, The Lazy Song, Count On Me, Nothin' On You, Billie Jean, Just The Way You Are, Runaway Baby, etc. And of course, the favorite of my favorites, GRENADE. DAMNNN he's so amazing just the way he is. Words couldn't enough if I should explain how sexy he was. And yeah, he promised us, the crowd, that he'll come back soon. Click here if you wanna see Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars live in Je-kar-dah! By the way, he said "Aku cinta kamu" but it sounded like "Aku cinta kemuh" lol. I can't wait for his next concert. Please come back soon, please. And yeah, aku juga cinta kemuh, Bruno.

"And it was enchanting to meet you, all I can say is I was enchanted to meet you"

The Brunz