Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am so sorry.....

.....for being a stupid blind slut. Because I've messed up everything. Because I did something and I didn't think of its effect. Because it seems like I don't even care about your feelings. Because even if I say that I'm sorry, I know that you won't come back. Because after all the shits that I've done, now I come to you. Because I threw away what I need the most for something that I want the most. Because I've hurt you so bad.

But don't you worry, karma does exist. I'll get a payback for what I've done to you. And when it's the time, it'll be 1000000000000000000000000 times harder than what you've been through. I'm so sorry for being rude, selfish, and I really am sorry for everything that I've done to you. You will see, just like a bird with a broken wing, I can't fly myself away.... But seriously, if I still have a little chance, please take me back to the start.

And for anyone who reads this, I want to tell you; don't ever leave something you need the most for something you want the most. Give that something you need the most some sacrifices, and when it belongs to you, don't ever let go.......

I mean this post, I really mean it.