Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Not So Summer, Oh Hi Autumn

In this kind of not-so-summer weather, I'm going to talk about the movie (500) Days of Summer.

Summer Finn was a girl. She was a regular girl, but not to Tom Hansen. The first time they met, it changed Tom's whole world. He fell in love with her, she was his boss' new assistant. They were both working at a greeting card company. And Tom, was a really good writer. One of my favorite quote from him was "I love us". Simple yet memorable.
Time passed by, they got closer on a karaoke night. Tom fell harder, even though Summer kept on telling him that she doesn't believe in true love, and she thought that relationships are messy. But after a while, they kept things very casual and they finally go on a date. They went to IKEA, pretended to be husband and wife. They went to the cinema, or music store, or to the park. And Tom was very happy about it.

After several months of dating, they got into a fight and they broke up. Summer quit her job, and Tom got into depression. They met again at a friend's wedding. They danced at the wedding and Summer catch the bouquet. On the way back home, Summer invited Tom to her party.
Tom came to the party, hoping that they two will get close like before. But it didn't come out the way he expected. It finally hit him right in the heart when he saw Summer was showing off her engagement ring to some of her friends. He went home with nothing but shattered heart.
He went through a deep depression, until he finally quit his job and tried to be what he had always wanted to be, an architecture.
After days of struggling, Summer saw Tom at his favorite spot in the city. She came to him and they talked about all the unfinished business between them. Summer said that he was right about true love and she felt the existence of true love, everything she wasn't sure about him, in someone else. As she left, Tom told her that he really hopes that she's happy.
Several days later, Tom attended a job interview. As he waited for the interview, he met a girl. After talking and sharing the same thoughts about their favorite spot in the city, he decided to go ask her on a date. And her name was Autumn.

I'm such a sucker for romantic movie, and this one got me like 'AAWWWH WHYYY'. Tom was such a really sweet guy and Summer was such a jerk, despite her cute bangs and her beautiful eyes.
Well this movie taught me that maybe, some people are meant to fall in love with each other but not meant to be together. It taught us that no matter what, in any phase of life, we will have to go through an unrequited love, and we must accept it.
Sometimes, some people come to our life only for a while but they leave permanent mark. Either a lesson, or a blessing.

Clara Cynthia Devi