Sunday, May 3, 2015

One Direction : On The Road Again Tour 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia

So I just recently went to One Direction's tour, On The Road Again. Well actually, I went to their concert like 39 days ago, and it was awesome!!! I got to see Louis William Tomlinson, Harry Edward Styles, Niall James Horan and Liam James Payne in real life. It still felt like a dream though, they're too perfect to be true. The first time they came out to the stage, the whole world seemed to freeze. I feel like there was no one else around me. Only me, and 4 flawless men who had made me desperately in love with them since I can't even remember when. They opened the concert with Clouds, one of my favorite songs from their newest album, FOUR. It felt like they lift me up to the clouds...

Harry Styles stared at me for like 578394024750923 times during Don't Forget Where You Belong. He was so cute and cheeky and sweet and kind and fine and I don't know what to say... He's perfect. I want to hug him and bury him in my chest and never let go :(

OH. And Louis Tomlinson looked at my camera phone during Story Of My Life, the "It's fro-o-o-o-o-ozen" part. And yes I was froze. He was literally staring at me - my camera phone, to be exact. But whatevs, it still made me the happiest girl on earth. LOUIS WAS SO CUTE, he truly is a boo bear.

Niall and Liam, they were way too cool than I had ever imagine. Liam was a total daddy. And Niall, he was like a little boy who doesn't give a shit about anything and just being his self.
Even though the news about Zayn quitting the band was spread when I was in the venue, it was still the best night ever.

You know, when someone says that dream comes true, they actually do. My teenage dream came true on 25th March 2015, and surprisingly, they're still my dreams until I don't know when.
Thank you One Direction for saving my life.