Saturday, July 25, 2015

33rd past midnight.

I've been loving you for a while.
Not the kind of love that blinding, it's just a love that accepting.
The love that when I get mad at you, you'd still be the one that I'm gonna run to when I need to share my happiness.

I've been loving you through it all.
Through the ups and downs. When distance forces us to not seeing each other, I love you still. Miles between us could never destroy the love inside us.

I've been loving you, long enough.
Long enough to memorise how you eat. The way you forget small things, or even big things. Long enough that I don't even have to think twice to recognise how you walk even from a distant.

I've been loving you without knowing how to stop.
It's not that I want to stop loving you. I don't even want to limit myself. Loving you is never enough and I know I'm gonna have to do better than this. I'm doing my best, you just don't know yet.
I ain't gonna stop though the earth stops rotating.

I've been loving you for quite some times.
And the time keeps ticking. And the love keeps growing. And I know that no time will ever enough to measure the feeling I've been keeping inside. But you know,

as long as you love me,
I will never stop loving you. I can't ever stop, don't you worry.

Let's make this one last, shall we?